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Our Approach

At Shine Psychotherapy, we are a team of like-minded clinicians who believe in the power of healing and connection.

Collectively, our approach to therapy is grounded in decades of expertise and the unshakeable knowledge that we are all capable of healing. Through the therapeutic relationship with our clients, we create a safe, empathic space to explore the inner world and make lasting changes.

We are collaborative. Our primary goal in the therapeutic partnership is to guide clients as they identify and follow inner wisdom, thereby developing a stronger sense of self throughout the process.

We follow the client’s lead. Each of us is the expert in our own lives and we are here to determine what path is best to accomplish one’s goals. Our role is not to judge and we gently and confidently support each individual. Furthermore, therapy does not have to be a never-ending process and this is a key component of our approach. Healing happens on our own timelines and we follow our client’s lead. 

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